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Intuitive Artist, Justine Serebrin

Shares Her Photo Shoot Experience


When my dear friend and client, intuitive artist, Justine Serebrin, hired me to photograph for her lifestyle branding & portrait shoot, it was the first time she had made such an investment in photography.

Justine and her art business are up-leveling to a new level of incredible success.

She creates these incredibly intricate paintings with a mission to bring conscious awareness to people about protecting the ocean and how important it is to us.

Focusing solely on her art and an upcoming exhibition and gala, she was in need of updated photos for featured images on her website, all of her marketing & promotional materials, & social media campaigns — for the world to see..

She knew the photos had to be good AND needed a trusted professional that would see and understand her vision and self-expression.

What she didn’t expect, was to be taken on a journey — one that actually emerged from her vision board.

Coming from out of town, I arrived the night before our shoot was scheduled and met Justine at her Los Angeles home for a friendly visit.

Having recently returned from the Turks & Caicos Islands, it was an exciting topic of conversation.

After hours of reliving and envisioning the tropics, along with inspiring & deep conversation catching up on our dreams, goals and intentionally creating our lives — she kept saying to me, I have to show you my vision board! I have to show you my vision board!

It was upstairs in her art studio where we made our way up a spiral staircase. She handed me a 20x20 wooden board featuring a collage filled with magazine clippings of inspiring quotes and colorful photos of exotic lands.

In big bold letters in the middle it read, “Move to an Island”.

Wow! I thought. That’s pretty cool and synchronistic —  here we are having been talking about the islands all this time and she has a deep desire to move to one.


Here is what Justine has to say about her photo session on a Facebook Live to her audience:

Mary Carol Fitzgerald is an incredible high-vibe photographer…she took the really fun picture of me on my instagram with my feet up…and she’ll be at the event taking photos too!  

It was the most fun magical experience working with her.. it was like a whole afternoon!

We got to play dress up!

My vision board is me living on a tropical island….and my life doesn’t look like that… except in these paintings, ya know..

She was like okay, so let’s see what clothes you’ve got.. let’s pull out all of your islandy clothes or clothes you would where on vacation…so we start pulling all of those out.

She has this eye for seeing all around my neighborhood and my house and my backyard areas that look like I’m literally on a tropical island!

Somehow her eye just found that when you get to see the photos that I get to post soon…you’ll actually think that I’m living on an island!

It’s really cool!

So she used my intention and helped manifest that!

And so…soon…I will be living or traveling to many tropical islands!

So ya know.. manifesting through intentional photography photo shoots! How cool is that, right?

So there you have it! Justine’s photo shoot actually took her to a place in her mind where she FELT like she was on an island..

We turned a city into water and a balcony into a cruise ship!

During our photo shoot, I’ll never forget her literally swinging from a palm tree chiming out with excitment,

“Oh my gosh, I actually FEEL like I’m on an island!“

Manifesting 101:

There is nothing more powerful than the FEELING of you already doing, being or having something…for it to come into fruition.

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I wanted to do a photo shoot on an island.

You turned my neighborhood (in East LA!) into an island!

— Intuitive Artist, Justine Serebrin

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