Book Cover - Mantras in Motion, Erin Stutland


Exciting news!

My friend and client, Erin Stutland, has released her first book!

Mantras in Motion is a book about manifesting what you want through mindful movement!

When Erin contacted me and said she sent a selection of images to Hay House Publishing (from various photographers)… and they chose one of photos from our photos shoot for the COVER of her book, I was ecstatic!

Pretty awesome, right!?

I’m excited that the publishers of my book chose one of MC’s images for the cover. I think it is absolutely perfect!
— Erin Stutland

Be sure to check out Erin’s website which features many more photos from our lifestyle portrait branding & fitness photo shoot together!

You can see how she uses images from our photo session for her:

  • branding and marketing materials

  • images used as graphics for promo pieces

  • blog banners

  • pop-ups for opt-in pages

  • iPhone graphics featuring her guided meditations and incredible Soul Stroll audios you can take with you on the go!