Inspired Action Activation 💫


Taking Inspired Action...

to free up energy

I'm curious.. do you ever procrastinate? 

I know I do! 

Like how I’ve been in writing this blog post!

When looking at the big picture, what always gets me out of that state of being is by stepping into inspired action, essentially, to be living a fulfilling life of love, connection and commitment — on a daily basis

I often wonder what is at the root of why it is I put things off time and time again. 

What I write about.. will it actually make a difference?

Will it be helpful or inspiring to you reading this note?

Am I going to be bothering you or clogging up your inbox?

These are all stories I making up in my head.. whether any of it’s even true or not.

Spending more time thinking about stuff.. doesn’t get us anywhere. 

It's about being proactive, making a decision, and acting on it.. much like I did with my move to San Diego! 

My to do lists have to do lists.. even though I often feel accomplished.. things regularly get put on the next day’s list…day after day.

Can you relate?

I actually renamed my To Do lists to.. To BE lists..

What am I going To BE today? 

Sometimes my biggest challenge is to step away from the computer and go explore my new neighborhood. Taking this action often turns into a source of incredible inspiration.

I am going to BE in exploration today..

I am going to BE inspiration today..

So today, I wanted to simply say hello and perhaps inspire you to take one thing off of your physical or mental To Do list.. or better yet.. your To BE list. 

I invite you to free up some energy for yourself and move into a state of be-ing.

What’s one thing you can do in order to BE — in this moment  to take inspired action in moving your life forward to your dreams and goals? 

Perhaps it’s making a phone call to a loved one.. or reaching out to a business contact.. or that person who recently crossed your mind.. 

Maybe it’s going for a walk and getting some fresh air..

Or even sitting down for a whopping 5 minutes and creating a moment of space and time for yourself to simply BE.. 

Maybe it’s be-ing fully present in your next conversation with someone — ie: not multitasking or thinking of something else during the conversation. 

Remember, life is now.

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. 

Make the most of TODAY and allow yourself to BE

Sending blessings & good vibes your way! 

With much love & inspiration 💫

Mary Carol 

P.S. If any of this resonated with you, I would love to hear your thoughts!
Leave a comment below!


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