Expressing Your Visual Image

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✨A Fresh New Look ✨

When I hear the same thing.. two times, three times, or more.. I start paying attention at a different level.. as if it's a message coming through to me, more-so than if I just heard it once. 

Does this ever happen to you? 

Over the last few weeks, I've heard at least 4 people express to me that they have a ton of photos of themselves.. but they are either sick of looking at them or that they are so over used and they want something new...not only for themselves, but also for others to see!

Do you have plenty of photos of yourself but they are dated and overused and you are tired of looking at them?

Or maybe you don't have any photos of yourself and have no idea what I'm talking about. Lol. 

If any of this sounds like you.. maybe it's time for an intentional set of fresh images! :)

It's not only about visual appeal.. it's also about sharing your life's evolvement, progress, inspiration, expression.. 

I understand that booking a photo shoot isn't hard.. it simply needs to be put into action.. ya know.. like taking that inspired action step I spoke about in a previous email. 

During a photo session together.. it's not just about the action put into motion.. it's about a way of being.. 

How do you want to feel 'during' a shoot?

How do you want those looking at the images to feel? 

What do you want to express? 

Even better.. what do you want to create!? 

I can help you answer all these questions.. and more! 

Imagine what's possible on the other side of making that shoot happen.. the fun that could be had, the collaboration, the exploration..

Imagine the impact the final images could make to the viewers that get to see YOU — your life, your style, your brand.

If this resonates, I'd like to offer you an incredible opportunity to take action now! 

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