Born to Be FLY {Flywheel Sports Chicago}

Photographing Fun People and FLY Athletic Gear

What fun this was photographing the new retail attire for Flywheel Sports in Chicago. I absolutely love the energy this entire crew brings to life whenever I have worked with them whether photographing in studio or out on location.

Our fitness apparel photo shoot took place early one Sunday morning in late September. We gathered at Flywheel Sports Chicago, an indoor stadium cycling studio, at the Old Town neighborhood location. 

Coffee in hands and blessed with a gorgeous day, we meandered our way through Lincoln Park to the lake, chit-chatting all along the way. When we reached the lakefront strong wind gusts greeted us. More turbulent waters churned than we anticipated; however, that didn’t deter us. We proceeded onward and where I began photographing these enthusiastic athletes at North Avenue Beach near downtown Chicago.

While we focused on the clothing, the inspirational verbiage, the fun patterns of the pants and the detailed designs of the tops, we dodged water sprays and close calls for soaked shoes. One instructor who teaches FlyBarre, Elena Flores, demonstrated how high she could jump as though she were defying gravity.

We laughed and laughed and carried on moving to different locations, playing with light, dancing with the wind, embracing the scenic atmosphere, and most of all, having FUN. 

With a zest for life and determination to push themselves, they in turn help motivate others to be their best, Each of these fitness enthusiasts have their own story of perseverance while exemplifying living a healthy active lifestyle -- one that makes you simply FEEL GOOD. 


Congratulations to all the spin & barre instructors for being chosen as Flywheel Sports Chicago national feature to show off this rad workout attire.

To view more photos from the shoot, check out the FLY Blog:


Many thanks to lead instructor, Alicia Miller and the entire Flywheel crew, Lisa Cleveland, Elena Flores, Allie White, Brittany Tardi, Will Haley, Kim Di Nino, for this incredible opportunity to do what I love most — wander around in nature while discovering the power and beauty of photographing people doing what they love! 

For me, sharing in energy of this type of creation allows my heart to expand creating space for not only creativity to flow, but also being a better version of myself for others. 

Flywheel Sports  Spin Instructor & Dancer,  Brittany Tardi

Flywheel Sports Spin Instructor & Dancer, Brittany Tardi

Thank you to videographer, Dave Markowski, for your accompanying awesome vibes, insane background shots and your phenomenal video skills!  

View Flywheel Behind The Scenes Shoot

The beauty that exists no matter if you stay in bed to snooze...or rise to greet the day .  #CreateExperience

The beauty that exists no matter if you stay in bed to snooze...or rise to greet the day. #CreateExperience