Live Edge Chicago: A Creative Collective

Live Edge Chicago is a furniture showroom and art gallery with a focus on creating a collaborative and nurturing space for its guests and featured artists.

It was developed through the creative collaboration of artists and curators, a group who has a conviction in the beauty of nature and showcasing functional art. Despite being in its infancy, the vision of this creative space launched with a Grand Opening celebration in May of 2016, it is becoming a vital piece of the community. 

All furniture featured is comprised of 100 percent salvaged wood artfully crafted into a variety of elegant tables, benches, countertops and headboards. To help demonstrate how the furniture would fill a space, its layout is punctuated by fine art photographic collections of one of the founding members, who holds a permanent position on the gallery-lit walls. However, to ensure the space is also shared with the community,  other talented artists are featured on a rotating basis.

Live Edge Chicago is the only gallery/showroom dedicated to live edge furniture in the Windy City.  The artists involved are passionate about their work and bring a distinctive set of talents offering a unique experience to each client that they engage.

As the walls fill with work personally admired by the team behind Live Edge Chicago, the goal is also to create a space that inspires and is feasible for the emerging artist. Through a shared responsibility of the space, artists trade gallery-lighting and high-traffic wall space by caring for and spending time at Live Edge. 

By making art accessible to the community and allowing the guests to interact with the artists directly, provides Live Edge Chicago a powerful and unique position in the Chicago art scene since it bridges the gap between artist and appreciator. 

Finally, Live Edge Chicago knows good energy is contagious and the more Live Edge Chicago creates memorable experiences through events and artist interaction, the journey of crafting a vision with an art of furniture piece for a community curious devoid of such woodwork, the more the word will spread and this collective can grow, which is good for everyone.  


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