Welcome to my travel & photo journal...


Thank you for visiting my travel and photo journal -- a visual and descriptive experience of cool people, fun events, and voyaging to exotic places from footing the streets of Chicago, exploring the beauty of Southwest Florida's Paradise Coast to adventuring around the globe, documenting insights along the way. 

After several years of my so-called writer's block, unidentified goals, a full time real estate career, and much time spent discovering and evolving into my true and best Self, the time has finally arrived for this thoughtful desire to come to fruition! 

Throughout my journey of self-discovery in finding and continually developing my own vision and voice, I invite you to be a part of my world of creating experience, being mentally and physically active, photographing the like, and consuming happy moments. My mission is to inspire people through the artful treasures life surrounds us with and experience organic connections through my lens of love and personal perspective.

#LiveYourPassion #CreateExperience